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Noise Seal are suppliers of acoustic panel systems, doors and windows for a wide range of applications including music studios, noise barriers, fan rooms, clean rooms and acoustic enclosures. All of which are manufactured to meet your own unique design requirements.

We are the UK and Ireland agents for Isolamin AB who are considered worldwide one of the leading companies in producing sandwich panels.

With a proven track record of working with architects, consultants and industry specialists Noise Seal offer all the technical support and advice needed for your project. Offering solutions for sound reduction, stability, air tightness, fire safety, aesthetics, environment and superior quality.

Please browse our website for further information or contact our sales team to discuss you requirements.

Acoustic Control Products

Our range of acoustic control products come in the form of ready made panels of varying size, thickness and finish - and can be delivered direct, ready for assembly.

  • Acoustic Ceilings

    Our range of ceiling panels compliment our panel system by providing the same high standards of construction and design. All surfaces are smooth and internal corners use needle grooves to pre...Find out more

  • Acoustic Doors

      Our range of doors are designed to compliment our panel system. Available in various configurations to suit your requirements - single or double doors, aluminium or steel. Our doors are ...Find out more

  • Acoustic Enclosures

      Our complete modular solutions are well-suited for creating adaptable enclosures for a range of noise reduction and clean room requirements. The products are adapted at project startup t...Find out more

  • Acoustic Facade & Walls

    Our range of facades and walls offer market-leading solutions for a wide variety of sound reduction, sound absorption and flexible joint systems. All of our products are sound and fire tested by a...Find out more

  • Acoustic Windows

    Our range of windows are designed to compliment our noise reduction and clean room panelling system. Available in both single and double glazed configurations, we are also able to supply higher so...Find out more

  • Air Handling

    In the electronics, pharmaceuticals, bio-technology and food industries, high levels of cleanliness and strict air handling controls are required. Our clean rooms offer moveable wall and ceiling s...Find out more

  • Food/Clean Room

    CL connection Made to order Fire rated up to EI120 Perforation available Wide range of finishes available Tested Modular construction Flush finish Self supporting Class A Absorptio...Find out more

  • Noise Barriers/Screens

    Our noise screens and barriers have been developed in partnership with leading acoustic consultants to ensure high sound insulation and high sound absorption. Their high performance noise protec...Find out more

Noise Control Solutions

Our extensive range of noise control products offer a versatile system for any industry requiring effective, precise and cost-effective noise reduction solutions.

  • Aviation Noise Barriers

    Noise from airplanes and airports has been a problem for a long time and Noise Seal are able to offer some solutions for airport noise control. Noise barriers are one method used at airports to battle...Find out more

  • Construction Noise Control

    The construction sector is one of the most common noise polluting industries and is generally carried out in high populated areas. Noise Seal can offer various solutions to improve the noise impact on...Find out more

  • Controlled Environments

    Advanced production methods in electronics, pharmaceuticals, bio-technology and chemistry demand very high levels of cleanliness. Not only is cleanliness an important part of clean rooms but due to th...Find out more

  • Education

    We have supplied products to the education sector for many years due to are various solutions for modular rooms, music rooms or treatments to sport halls to achieve the requirements of are clients. ...Find out more

  • Highways Sound Reduction

    Noise from roads has been a problem for a long time and with cars being faster, lorries getting bigger and new roads regularly being planned and constructed noise is becoming more of an issue. The ...Find out more

  • Industrial Noise Control

    The industrial sector is one of the most common areas where noise is a problem and is generally in a factory environment. Noise Seal can offer various solutions to improve the noise impact on the pers...Find out more

  • Music

    Isolamin panels have been used for many music studio and practice rooms whether it is for absorbing the sound or insulating it. With such a wide range of finishes including laminated and painted avail...Find out more

  • Rail Noise Barriers

    Noise Seal can offer through one of the market leaders in sandwich panels noise barriers for the railway sector. The noise barriers are manufactured to suit customer’s design requirements with vario...Find out more

  • Recycling and Waste

    Noise Seal can supply various products to make recycling and waste plants a better environment to work in and for the surrounding areas. We can supply portable cabins, modular offices and canteens as ...Find out more