Threshold of
Loudest Possible Noise
Audio Spectrum

Acoustics is becoming more and more recognised and regulated across the board for most sectors. Noise affects everyone on a daily basis from traffic to machinery to talking and when unprotected in high levels or regularly/repeated dangerous levels action needs to be taken.

Noise is measured in dB (decibels) which is derived from bel and there are 10 decibels to 1 bel. Sound is waves of pressure or stress depending on the element it is passing through such as air, water or a solid. The sound also has a frequency which determines the pitch, humans are susceptible to mid-frequency levels where as other species such as dogs are susceptible to much higher frequencies.

As you can see from the diagram there are everyday activities that involve noise but how do you know when it is at a level that is dangerous. Usually anything above 80dB is dangerous especially on a regular basis but anything around the 130 – 140 dB will cause instant pain and damage to your hearing.

In any instance of noise where damage can be caused precautions need to be taken. There are different methods available to achieve acceptable noise levels such as ear plugs or/and the more professionally engineered route which is designed to isolate the noise itself.

If you think you might be causing a noise issue then action should be taken, before it is taken against you! And if you think you are being affected by a noise issue do not wait until it is to late to speak out but not be heard!