Why choose Isolamin?

The Isolamin acoustic panel is a pre-fabricated element of incombustible material for the reduction and damping of noise. It is constructed using a revolutionary technique within the industry, the core of high density mineral wool being bonded transversely between two steel sheets, delivering a very high level of rigidity and strength due to the millions of bonded fibres.

Flexible Assembly

The Isolamin panelling system is eminently suitable for the constructions of both ‘tailored’ acoustic enclosures and acoustic screen walls. It can be supplied in the from of a complete kit and can reduce assembly times considerably compared with conventional acoustic panels. The acoustic panels are self-supporting up to 6 meters in height. The patented jointing system allows for the rapid assembly and dismantling of enclosures when re-arranging a factory layout.

Good Noise Reduction

There are several types of Isolamin acoustic panels differing in many respects. The standard panels, one side perforated, have the following airborne sound insulation figures (ia lab):

50mm thick 34dB
80mm thick 36dB
100mm thick 37dB