• Acoustic Ceilings

    Our range of ceiling panels compliment our panel system by providing the same high standards of construction and design. All surfaces are smooth and internal corners use needle grooves to pre...Find out more

  • Acoustic Doors

      Our range of doors are designed to compliment our panel system. Available in various configurations to suit your requirements - single or double doors, aluminium or steel. Our doors are ...Find out more

  • Acoustic Enclosures

      Our complete modular solutions are well-suited for creating adaptable enclosures for a range of noise reduction and clean room requirements. The products are adapted at project startup t...Find out more

  • Acoustic Facade & Walls

    Our range of facades and walls offer market-leading solutions for a wide variety of sound reduction, sound absorption and flexible joint systems. All of our products are sound and fire tested by a...Find out more

  • Acoustic Windows

    Our range of windows are designed to compliment our noise reduction and clean room panelling system. Available in both single and double glazed configurations, we are also able to supply higher so...Find out more

  • Air Handling

    In the electronics, pharmaceuticals, bio-technology and food industries, high levels of cleanliness and strict air handling controls are required. Our clean rooms offer moveable wall and ceiling s...Find out more

  • Food/Clean Room

    CL connection Made to order Fire rated up to EI120 Perforation available Wide range of finishes available Tested Modular construction Flush finish Self supporting Class A Absorptio...Find out more

  • Noise Barriers/Screens

    Our noise screens and barriers have been developed in partnership with leading acoustic consultants to ensure high sound insulation and high sound absorption. Their high performance noise protec...Find out more