Highways Sound Reduction

Noise from roads has been a problem for a long time and with cars being faster, lorries getting bigger and new roads regularly being planned and constructed noise is becoming more of an issue.

The barriers conform to general norms and regulations. They are EU-adapted and meet the highest sound classes pursuant to the requirements posted by the EU. They have a completely sealed construction which allows a considerable reduction in the noise passing the barrier. They can be supplied with a perforated surface, which allows excellent absorption properties. The system is completely flexible with simple installation and minimal maintenance required.

The noise barriers have exceptional properties built into them such as strength, fire rating, sound reduction and absorption. They achieve the highest sound reduction class B3 in their basic version and comply with EN standards for wind loads, snow loads and flying stones.

Isolamin noise barriers have been tested for use outdoors and the results show that after 15 years the panels are completely intact with a reduction in strength of only around 15%. Compared to the typical wooden acoustic fence panels you get next to the roads Isolamin noise barriers offer greater sound reduction and absorption and a longer life span. With so many different options for finishes including colour, ribbed and vision panels there is a wide choice to help the barrier blend into the environment around it.

For any further information please contact us or download the noise and privacy screens manual.

Acoustic Control Products

Our range of acoustic control products come in the form of ready made panels of varying size, thickness and finish - and can be delivered direct, ready for assembly.

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