Industrial Noise Control

The industrial sector is one of the most common areas where noise is a problem and is generally in a factory environment. Noise Seal can offer various solutions to improve the noise impact on the personal working with in these environments such as noise barriers, acoustic windows and enclosures for canteens, offices or machines.

The panels have exceptional properties built into them such as strength, fire rating, sound reduction and absorption. The panel systems can also be taken down and put up in another location so the system is a good investment and sustainable.

The panels are used in such a wide variety of applications due to their market leading properties. Applications Isolamin panels have been used in the past include dyno test cells, air handling including smoke extract systems, duct work, air conditioning units, pump rooms, engine rooms and fan rooms, offices, canteens and factory external walls.

Noise Seal are also able to offer acoustic windows that can be used for machine guards, offices or general windows. They are simple to install with no fixings shown and simple to replace if necessary. We can make windows to achieve client’s noise requirements and provide within short turn around times.

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Acoustic Control Products

Our range of acoustic control products come in the form of ready made panels of varying size, thickness and finish - and can be delivered direct, ready for assembly.

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